I am trying to kickstart the Common Lisp revolution from 28 november to 10 december 2020, and as of 5 december 2020, it did look like we were going to run out of time, so this is my last-ditch attempt at rectifying the situation before it's too late. Please support the Common Lisp Revival 2020 Fundraiser!!!

Since we are on such a tight deadline, I am soliciting donations of 1000$ or more from the following organizations and people. This is the only way we can realistically make it in time.
I can confirm that they are all eligible for Advanced Perks, including Lifetime Perks.

Please make sure to sponsor me from an account able to give out doublers, you should see a banner confirming this at the top (when logged in).
Also beware of prorating, which might significantly cut down your contribution if you are not careful. Any prorating will be announced on the checkout page, and you may need to sponsor at a higher tier to arrive at the amount that you intended to contribute.

I wrote this page's core content in one day, so please excuse any sloppy writing.

LispWorks and Franz

Dear LispWorks, Dear Usha, Dear Franz, Dear Jans,

One of the biggest divisions within the Common Lisp community remains largely unacknowledged. That is the division between Open Source and Proprietary.
There is tremendous untapped, latent energy to unlock to help make Common Lisp successful, and we just need a slight paradigm shift to do so.

We can make Common Lisp a top 5 programming language by 2040, and this will be much easier to achieve if we unify our forces.
Through my work, I am working to dramatically expand the Common Lisp community, which is guaranteed to greatly benefit your business.

You could boost my productivity almost beyond imagination just by providing me a tiny fraction of a normal salary!
For instance, 1000$/month would be basically infinite money in my current situation. How about you each contribute 500$/month for 6 months as a trial?
Of course, please consider starting with a large donation to the Common Lisp Revival 2020 Fundraiser before 10 december 2020, as GitHub will double your contribution!

I also urge you to open source more of your technology, not even necessarily out of pure generosity, but simply because it makes so much business sense!
For instance, you could send SHOCKWAVES throughout the world simply by open sourcing CAPI and AllegroGraph!
Inherently, the more you open source, the more you stand to benefit from the great Open Source Marketing Machine!

In fact, I almost wonder if you should also open source LispWorks and Allegro Common Lisp and transform yourself into a services company like Red Hat? It's really hard to compete with world-class open source implementations like SBCL these days. But obviously, this would be a more long-term project, and I don't presume to understand your business better than you do or tell you what to do. I'm just suggesting ideas. We stand to greatly benefit from a healthy exchange of ideas.

Please check out the details about HexstreamSoft Sponsors. I think you may find them very compelling.
You are obviously eligible for Advanced Perks, including Lifetime Perks. These grant you great visibility on HexstreamSoft, the #1 Common Lisp site!

Common Lisp Foundation

Dear Common Lisp Foundation, Dear Dave,

Thank you for giving birth to one of the most important conversations in the Common Lisp community!

I have reason to believe that your understanding and appreciation for my crucial work within the Common Lisp community has only been growing since this historic event.

I believe you have the necessary knowledge and resources to be a key ally in leading Common Lisp to unprecedented success.

You are already managing and, both crucial resources. It is time to unify our efforts. I again urge you to move to GitHub, the best open source platform, and the Common Lisp Revival 2020 Fundraiser is a great occasion to demonstrate to the world what already ought to be quite obvious: GitHub is the best code hosting platform, and GitHub Sponsors is the best open source funding platform! Let's leave avoid success at all costs to Haskell!

I am not sure if your corporate processes in any way allow for such a quick turnaround time, or if you can sanely make an exception, but if in any way possible,
please make a large donation to the Common Lisp Revival 2020 Fundraiser before 10 december 2020 if you wish to help kickstart the Common Lisp revolution right now! Thank you.

Paul Graham

Dear Paul Graham, Dear Y Combinator,

I have been almost entirely dedicating my life to Common Lisp since mid-2006 when I discovered Common Lisp, largely thanks to your essays, especially Beating the Averages. After spending 2 weeks reading your essays and researching Common Lisp, I went all-in on Common Lisp and completely abandoned Java. To this day, this has been the best and most determinant event in my life and I am deeply thanking you for it!

Basically, I've been running an unregistered Common Lisp startup for 14 years. I am planning to register in 2022 at the latest. I have finally started experiencing some visible success this year, as I am finally reaching the interesting point in the exponential curve. I am requesting your help to further accelerate and embolden this process.

Unfortunately, I believe the traditional Y Combinator process would not be a good fit for me, due to various reasons.
I am requesting a fairly insignificant amount of funding compared to your usual investments, but this would completely change my life.

I am the chief architect of the looming Common Lisp revolution. The revolution would still happen even if you just decided to watch it unfold from afar, but I thought I would highlight your opportunity to lend it a bit of your vast resources and influence, thereby greatly empowering it. Everyone has much to gain from this happening. This is a traditional win-win-win scenario.

I trust that your world-class expertise in startups will easily detect the amazing intrinsic value and potential of me and my startup.

Please make a large donation to the Common Lisp Revival 2020 Fundraiser before 10 december 2020 if you wish to help kickstart the Common Lisp revolution right now! Thank you.

Planck EZ

Dear Ergodox/ZSA, Dear Erez, Dear Tisha, Dear Florian,

The Planck EZ is truly revolutionary and life-changing! I predict that it (or its close descendants) will remain the best keyboard on the planet for decades to come!

Thank you for implementing custom labels in Oryx, as I requested. Your email support is truly amazing, and I was surprised to find that indeed, we have already exchanged more than 100 emails in 9 months! I greatly value our great relationship, and here is a perfect occasion to go to the next level!

The Planck EZ is so damn great that I couldn't resist making an advanced presentation for my custom keyboard layout.
You were so impressed with it that you quickly offered to interview me, and I then proceeded to really pour my soul into that article, with quite impressive results I might say!

The kicker? I did this while I was already late to launch the Common Lisp Revival 2020 Fundraiser! Oh noes!! 🤣
But seriously, I just couldn't wait to share my passion for the Planck EZ with the world! That's how goddamn amazing it is!!

I had already been using the TypeMatrix 2030 (a somewhat similar keyboard) for more than a decade, and the Planck EZ is at least 20x better! It's easy to infer that I'm probably going to stick to the Planck EZ or a close descendant for the next decade at least... As previously stated, I am planning to build much more powerful alternatives to QMK, Wally and Oryx, all written in Common Lisp, of course. Admittedly, it would take at least a few years before I can start working on this, due to more pressing priorities. My awesome Planck EZ layout presentation is already a good first step towards an Oryx alternative, although it is not yet written in Common Lisp. (I would probably only support the Planck EZ, since that's the only keyboard I find interesting...) I believe the Planck EZ will be the key to unlocking 100x productivity!

I think there is already an inherent and fundamental link between Common Lisp and the Planck EZ:
It's only fair to expect that the best programmers would gravitate not only towards the best programming language, but also the best keyboard!
Thankfully, we have a tremendous opportunity to make that connection even more concrete today!

As such, I would be extremely honored if you made a large donation to the Common Lisp Revival 2020 Fundraiser before 10 december 2020 to help kickstart the Common Lisp revolution right now! Thank you.

I can confirm ZSA is eligible for Advanced Perks, including Lifetime Perks. You can advertise your amazing products on the front page of the #1 Common Lisp site thanks to Monthly Perks.

Everyone else

Dear everyone interested in Common Lisp and/or Open Source or otherwise intrigued,

I hope the above additional information helps you understand just how important it is to support me at this critical time.

Please support the Common Lisp Revival 2020 Fundraiser in any way you can, such as by making a financial contribution or convincing your company to do so (especially if you and/or they use Common Lisp), helping spread the word everywhere on social media, urging the above organizations and people to sponsor me, or any other useful way.

Remember, the fundraiser ends on 10 december 2020! We don't have much time! Let's write history together!