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Why you should sponsor me

Why you should sponsor me » Make Common Lisp successful!

I've been doing Common Lisp related work intensively for 14 years, including more than a decade of Common Lisp Open Source.

I am a top Common Lisp Open Source contributor. See my extensive contributions at HexstreamSoft.

Your generous sponsorships help me implement these exciting features faster! I have several high-impact contributions on the way, many of which will land in 2021.

Having already contributed 30+ ready-to-use libraries in Quicklisp, some of which are highly innovative, I am experiencing growing success in adapting my extreme modularity skills to bigger, higher impact projects.

Creating important Common Lisp community resources has been a particular focus of my work, and I will continue to invest heavily in this endeavor.

I am spearheading the nascent movement to make Common Lisp a top 5 programming language by 2040. I believe this is eminently achievable given proper approaches.

Be sure to check my CV for a comprehensive overview of my extensive contributions and skills.
Want to know even more about me? I shared many details of my personal life and technical setup in my awesome Planck EZ interview (submission).

In the interest of radical transparency, here is Too Much Information™ about me. I hope it inspires you.

Why you should sponsor me » Get awesome perks!

Making Common Lisp successful should be enough reason to sponsor me, but to help further incentivize and reward sponsorship, select public sponsors are eligible for more concrete perks as well.

HexstreamSoft's impressive statistics on Alexa indicate intense interest in my work.
Sponsoring me is thus an easy and guaranteed way to boost your visibility in the Common Lisp world, assuming you are eligible for Advanced Perks.

All public sponsors are eligible for Basic Perks, which is your badge on my GitHub Sponsors profile and my GitHub profile.

Read on for Advanced Perks.

... » Get awesome perks! » Eligibility criteria

Advanced Perks are awarded to select public sponsors, to help them broadcast their love of Common Lisp to the world!

Advanced Perks are only ever activated on request, and you can subsequently opt-out temporarily or permanently at any time.
Traces of your activity may remain in the log and the commit histories of relevant repositories such as sponsors.hexstreamsoft.com and www.hexstreamsoft.com.

Generally, individuals and companies that are in some way related to Common Lisp (such as if they use Common Lisp internally) are eligible for Advanced Perks,
while individuals and companies that are not in some way related to Common Lisp will not be. I reserve the right to make exceptions both ways, at my sole discretion.

Please consider contacting us before sponsoring to verify your eligibility for Advanced Perks.

Note that we do not consider Lisp dialects other than Common Lisp to be related to Common Lisp.
HexstreamSoft specializes in Common Lisp specifically, and is not in any way interested in any other Lisp dialects.
HexstreamSoft is a site entirely dedicated to Common Lisp, which thus attracts an audience interested in Common Lisp.

Companies whose services or products I love and use heavily within the scope of my Common Lisp related activities
are likely to be eligible for Advanced Perks, even if the company providing them is not otherwise related to Common Lisp.

I reserve the right to temporarily or permanently revoke access to Advanced Perks to specific individuals or companies if there are overriding ethical or other concerns, at my sole discretion.
Should that happen, a reason will be publicly logged and I will make a good faith attempt to notify the affected party.

Impersonation and any other forms of misrepresentation are strictly forbidden.
You may be required to prove your identity, affiliation or authorization before being given access to Advanced Perks or while requesting certain changes.
Standards of proof are determined on a case-by-case basis at my sole discretion.

I reserve the right to evolve these eligibility criteria over time.

... » Get awesome perks! » Credited Amount

Your Credited Amount is simply the amount of money that I receive thanks to your sponsorship.
This is a direct measure of your benevolent and much appreciated impact on my finances.

All attributions of perks are based directly on your Credited Amounts.

Your Total Credited Amount is simply the sum of all your Credited Amounts, of course.

If you sponsor on GitHub and they double your amount, then your Credited Amount is twice what you paid. GitHub never charges any fees.
Beware of prorating! For instance, if you are halfway through your billing cycle and start sponsoring, then you pay half and get credited for half.

If you sponsor on Patreon, then your Credited Amount is what you paid minus Patreon's fees.

See the log for our extensive transparent accounting of sponsorships.

... » Get awesome perks! » Monthly Perks

Monthly Perks grant you a prominent place on the HexstreamSoft front page and the HexstreamSoft Sponsors front page for a limited time, thereby significantly increasing your company's mindshare in the Common Lisp world by acknowledging your important contribution towards making Common Lisp successful. This can for instance enhance your ability to attract top Common Lisp talent.

You earn Monthly Perks Credits (MPCs) in direct proportion to your Credited Amounts. You can then spend said Monthly Perks Credits at any time you like to buy ad placement. Monthly Perks Credits never expire. This system provides you with tremendous flexibility and convenience.

We publicly track Monthly Perks Credits earned and spent.

The following table lists the cost in Monthly Perks Credits for running an ad for 30 days.
The cost is prorated if the ad runs for less than 30 days.
Mostly due to technical limitations, there is currently a minimum running time of 7 days.

More powerful (and expensive) options are planned.

Contact us to schedule your ads.

Ad kind Cost
Medium Logo 100
HUGE Logo 500
HUGE Custom Ad 1000

... » Get awesome perks! » Lifetime Perks

Lifetime perks give you a permanent presence in our Lifetime sponsors section!
This gives you a tremendous and permanently increasing return on investment at no additional cost!

You will simply be added to the highest Lifetime tier you have achieved according to your Total Credited Amount.
Additionally, placement within each tier is determined by the Total Credited Amount of each sponsor, with bigger totals placed higher.

The kind of ad that will be featured in the Lifetime sponsors section depends on your Lifetime tier, as indicated in the following table.

Tier name Cost Ad kind
Fan 50$ Name
Ally 250$ Linked Name
Crusader 1000$ Medium Logo
True Professional 2500$ Medium Logo
Serious Business™ 5000$ Medium Logo
Visionary 10000$ HUGE Logo
Luminary 25000$ HUGE Logo
Big Shot 50000$ HUGE Logo
Dignitary 100000$ HUGE Custom Ad
Legend 150000$ HUGE Custom Ad

... » Get awesome perks! » Ad kinds

All ad links always open in a new tab. All images and landing pages are subject to approval.

Contact us to choose your options and validate your ads, or if you have any questions.
Consider contacting us before sponsoring to validate your use-cases.